Andrea Vandoni

Adamo ed Eva (2021) Venduto

36,2x28,7 in ~ Pittura, Olio


The painting represents the classic theme of Adam and Eve revisited in a modern way, with the human problems of our day, and with a little humor.
The tree of the knowledge of good and evil has been cut down, both because it has met the fate that all trees do today, and because what good and evil are has not been at the center of our interests for a long time. The snake has fled, both because it has no trees to climb and because man no longer believes in its personification of evil. Eva ate the whole apple, as selfishness permeates our lives more and more, and she realizes she is naked, trying to cover herself. Adam, not having tasted the fruit, has not yet realized that he is, and does not cover her nakedness, rather he exhibits it. Once the covenant with God is broken, diseases afflict humanity. The atmosphere is permeated with questioning glances about the future and the meaning of all this, above the masks, immersed in a landscape that is now almost lunar.

“Adamo ed Eva”, 2021

MEDIUM AND SUPPORT: Original oil painting on 100% cotton canvas.
DIMENSIONS: 73 cm x 92 cm x 2 cm

This original and unique artwork was created by me and signed on the front.
Signed and dated also on the reverse.
This painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
The canvas is pre-stretched on a wooden frame and artwork is ready to hang, unframed if preferred.
On the painting there is a layer of final varnish that protects against UV light and dust.

"The human figure and the things that surround us are the focus of my attention in their timelessness and modernity, in the way I see or imagine." "Mine is the search for a relative realism, subjective and imaginary". Among other topics, current events, ecology, revisiting old arguments in a modern way, objects (especially coffee-pots) symbolizes human situations, and the portrait. I believe that painting should restore its narrative function, I want my paintings speak about us, our problems, our dreams, our feelings, with the utmost possible beauty".

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