Andrea Vandoni

Elements Of Reflection - 4 (2022)

27,6x23,6 in ~ Pittura, Olio

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"Elements Of Reflection - 3", 2022

COLLECTION: Landscapes
MEDIUM AND SUPPORT: Original acrylic colors on canvas.
DIMENSIONS: 60 cm x 70 cm

This original and unique artwork is signed on the front. Signed and dated also on the back.
This painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Ready to hang.

"The human figure and the things that surround us are the focus of my attention in their timelessness and modernity, in the way I see or imagine." "Mine is the search for a relative realism, subjective and imaginary". Among other topics, current events, ecology, revisiting old arguments in a modern way, objects (especially coffee-pots) symbolizes human situations, and the portrait. I believe that painting should restore its narrative function, I want my paintings speak about us, our problems, our dreams, our feelings, with the utmost possible beauty".

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