Andrea Vandoni

La Gatta (2020) Venduto

27,6x19,7 in ~ Pittura, Olio


"La Gatta", 2020
The painting represents an elegant apartment interior, wrapped in lazy intimacy, relaxed boredom. A young beautiful red-haired girl dressed in a sensual black suit (catsuit) is absorbed in her thoughts as she looks at the world outside the window, which the viewer can only imagine, contemplating a near future in which she will be able to reach it. Hope and melancholy in his eyes contrast with clothing. On the side, a cat softly lying on a red velvet Chesterfield armchair observes the curious and lazy scene, fully satisfied with the forced presence of her mistress. The title "La Gatta" leaves the question open to whom the two characters refer. On the wall at the bottom you can see a painting with coffee makers, launching the hypothesis that it may be the painter's house.

Are you tired of the usual selfies? Commission me a portrait, I will be happy to immortalize your beauty!

MEDIUM AND SUPPORT: Original oil painting on 100% cotton canvas.
DIMENSIONS: 50 cm x 70 cm x 2 cm

This original and unique artwork is signed on the front.
Signed and dated also on the reverse.
This painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

"The human figure and the things that surround us are the focus of my attention in their timelessness and modernity, in the way I see or imagine." "Mine is the search for a relative realism, subjective and imaginary". Among other topics, current events, ecology, revisiting old arguments in a modern way, objects (especially coffee-pots) symbolizes human situations, and the portrait. I believe that painting should restore its narrative function, I want my paintings speak about us, our problems, our dreams, our feelings, with the utmost possible beauty".

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